Adventures in Hawthorne

Last night J led my uncle Bruce and I on a little tour of SpaceX. This is the third time I've been (people visit, it's a cool, free thing to do) but it's a little different every time. Different manufacturing, different stuff going on, and different people J is touring around, which leads to different questions about what SpaceX is all about, which is pretty cool.

Bruce was also interested in the history of Hawthorne, which he says has a lot of Oklahoma history. It also has some fantastic neon signage.


Hand Made

This weekend was my husbands birthday, and of course the only gift wrap we have around is christmas (maybe? Maybe I even threw that away?), so I got out some old art supplies and tried my hand at carving and stamping.

Of course it's been a million years since I've carved any stamps, but I'd love to get back into it. Even just carving a couple simple triangles was a fun way to play with pattern and shape on some old news print. Maybe I'll try something more complex next time?

J got a stack of Buffy comics from his parents and some Vans and clothes from me. Good thing I'm still basically a professional gift wrapper from my days working at a small toy store. #goonbrushyashouldersoff


Phoenix Road Trip

Took a little road trip with my cousin and husband to Phoenix this weekend. Road trip must haves include Twizzlers NIBS (not Red Vines, those are for seeing movies in theaters) and a variety of things to listen to besides one Strokes album (problematic when your phone goes kaput). But! Good views, good times. 

We also visited Arcosanti, an experimental town and community modeled off of architect Paolo Soleri's concept of Arcology, a way to improve urban conditions while minimizing our impact on the Earth. It was a beautiful concept and space, and reminded me so much of the urban centers we studied in Copenhagen, which all centered on the idea that urban centers are the ideal place for people to work and live because they provide community and encourage mobility. 

Phoenix 1.jpg